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1) What is WHWHK?
Women Helping Women is a Non-Profit Organization founded by Mahnaz Lee and Patti Ho in November 2010. The Board of Directors consists of 4 members who are active decision makers and hands-on in all aspects of the organization. The aim of this NGO is to set new programs and initiatives with local reputable organizations for much needed help to protect and improve the lives of Women and Girls in Hong Kong.


2) Why Hong Kong?
The founders Mahnaz Lee and Patti Ho both reside in Hong Kong and wanted to direct their charitable efforts locally. They are very concern about their community and the welfare of Women and Girls and both think there is much work to be done for local women. 


3) Why only Women?
The founders both being a woman and raised their kids they understand the needs and challenges women face these days. They believe that women are the hearts of the family and playing an important role as wives, mothers and daughters in the community. Every year in Hong Kong, there are over 3000 cases of Domestic Violence where women are being battered, 84% of Single Mothers are living below poverty line and over 4000 young adults are arrested for crime. When women are protected they become strong to stand on their own and support themselves; also their kids will become more successful in school and ultimately contributors in the society.


4) How do you select programs?
Annually the Board Members will go through 10 to 12 applications and proposals submitted to us through Hong Kong Council of Social Services, they will select 3 most promising local organization whom professionally deal with local women. Then they will visit their facility, meet with their staff, social workers and if possible meet the women who benefit from their services in person. Fully understanding the effectiveness of each program before they commit. Finally the final decision is made as to which organization will be their beneficiary based on the organization track records, best use of resources, which districts and how many women are reached. 


5) How long do these programs go on for? What happens after?

WHWHK programs normally lasts for 2 years. The funds raised from their Annual Ball goes toward carefully selected programs. After each quarterly progress meeting they assess for the effectiveness of the programs. So far they have set 2 programs for women suffering from Domestic Violence as well as Child Abuse. They like to reach more women who are devastated and in need so it is very important to follow the statistics provided from Women’s’ Foundation and find the areas where women need most help. So each year new programs are set and statistics determine how they will allocate their funds and what type of programs best suited for women. 


6) What has WHWHK done thus far? How many have been impacted in the community?

Thus far WHWHK has done the following: 

I) June 2011 – May 2013 : Collaboration with Harmony House, Parenting Empowerment and impacted 15,416 families. 

II) June 2012 – May 2014 : Collaboration with HKFWS, Anti Violence Against Women and impacted 20,570 families. 

III) November 6th 2012 : Collaboration with Evangel Children’s Home, Development of a home facility for underprivileged-orphaned young girls ages 18 to 20 and impacted 14 girls. 

IV) January 19th 2012 : Collaboration with Baptist Oi Kwan, providing hot meals at $10 and served over 200 meals. 

V) January 16th 2012 : Collaboration with Missionaries of Charity: Home of Love in providing hot meals 


7) How do you raise these funds? 

Every year, WHWHK will have an Annual Fundraiser Ball. The purpose of the Ball is to raise the maximum amount of funds much needed to set new programs for local women. There are raffles, auctions and other means of donation at the event to aid in achieving this goal. Furthermore, between the Annual Balls, they will host several collaborated events with other companies to raise more funds. 

For more information how to donate and support the WHWHK programs, click here


8) How can I help these women in Hong Kong? 

100% of all funds raised through WHWHK Annual Fundraiser Ball as well as other collaborated events go directly to our benefitting organizations toward the specific program that WHWHK has carefully selected. The funds are released on quarterly basis as the programs progress. WHWHK actively seeks meaningful ways to give back to the community. Each year, depending on how much funds are raised WHWHK allocates these funds to benefit as many women and girls as they can in Hong Kong. 


9) Are there any staff or volunteers working at WHWHK? 

WHWHK does not pay for any office space nor staff, keeping the operating costs low is one the biggest goals of this organization. No administrative costs resulting in 96% of the funds to be directed toward their programs. Aside from the Board Members handling all the day to day work the WHWHK Committee Members and Ambassadors play an important role in organizing all the events and activities. This dynamic group of women are effective, self-motivated and well connected to handle and carry out all the tasks. Most importantly they are friends and are united in the same mission, vision and belief to help Women and Girls in Hong Kong. Additional volunteers are recruited from the benefitting organizations for the WHWHK Annual Charity Ball.


10) How can I help these women in Hong Kong? 

We are sincerely grateful for anyone who wishes to help theses women and give back to their community. We appreciate cash donations, please click here to proceed to the link and follow the instructions. An official tax-deductible receipt will be issued.

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