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We believe women are the HEART of the family. The design of the WHWHK logo is eight connected hearts forming a lotus flower. The concept of “hearts linking hearts” personifies a harmonious family, with women helping and supporting each other. 

In many Asian cultures, the lotus flower symbolizes purity of body and mind, rising above the muddy water. It represents beauty, grace and perfection, and in Ancient texts often signifies spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. 

Inspired by the artistic form and curves of the lotus flower and water droplets, the logo was designed to create a corporate image of peace, harmony and unity. The natural beauty of the lotus flower fully bloomed in the sun projects a bright future full of hope and opportunity for all women. 

It has a pictorial association with the shiny sun that visualizes the bright future, warm and positive atmosphere. It gives hope and opportunity to the women in need.

With Appreciation to
Alan Chan Design Company
for designing the Corporate Identity of Women Helping Women Hong Kong

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