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In the past 10 years… 
there have been over 34,000
domestic violence cases
83% of the victims are WOMEN!
Source: Social Welfare Department (Jan 2020- Sept 2020)
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Women Helping Women Hong Kong (WHWHK) is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2010. WHWHK works directly with NGOs to fund and implement a wide range of external educational and interventional programs designed specifically for those who have experienced violence and abuse in Hong Kong.


 By raising funds through donations and sponsorships, WHWHK supports a network of effective programs that aim to increase awareness of violence and help to improve the lives of underprivileged women and children who have been subjected to physical, emotional or sexual abuse. 

[Registered charity number 91/10968]


Women Helping Women Hong Kong (WHWHK) is an organization created by women for women. We impact our society by raising awareness concerning violence against women, and we provide programs that educate, support, and empower women in Hong Kong.


Together we can make a difference and build a community free from violence against women & children

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